beginning, isle of wight

The beginning

So this is the beginning. I do not really know where I should start, so I will try to be simple. I am a french girl in her twenties, this blog is going to be about some of the things I am most passionate about, photography, and what inspire my photos, that is travelling and people. You might also find other things I love here such as music, cooking, gardening and who knows what else.

I have been fond of photography for such an amount of years that I cannot remember what was the starting point. If there were one explanation at all, I think it may just be in me.

I am also a student in the English language and since September I have started working and living in Ireland. I will share my experiences with you here.

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Voici le tout début de ce blog, où j’essaierai de partager avec vous ce qui me passionne, la photographie, et ce qui inspire mes photos, les voyages et les gens. Bretonne et la vingtaine, je vais vous emmener avec moi en Irlande où je travaillerai pour cette année (scolaire).

J’adore la photographie depuis si longtemps que je ne saurais dire comment cela a commencé, c’est quelque chose qui est en moi tout simplement. Dans ce blog vous trouverez aussi recette, jardinage ou musique car tout ça fait aussi partie de mon univers.

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picture : B&W photography of Gurnard, Isle of Wight, shot with my Minolta x500

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